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Spring Newsletter from the president

UBCCA 2019 Spring Newsletter

June 19, 2019

Greetings to all UBCCA Members!

I wanted to reach out to all of you and to give you an update on a few things happening with our great association.  

First I want to thank Trevor Noel for getting our website in order and making it as user-friendly as possible.  He’s been keeping it updated with announcements and other information relevant to those of us living in the canyon.  He’s also welcomed members to send him photos to post on our website for all of us to enjoy. It’s important that all of us log onto the website and update our personal profiles on a periodic basis.  We ask that you include all information you want available to other members, as well as what is included in our annual Membership Directory. We have found discrepancies in the past with both e-mail addresses and phone numbers so please check for accuracy so we’re all working with the correct information.

I want to thank all of you who participated in our Spring Canyon Cleanup a few weeks ago.  It was a great social event; plus, we had the entire canyon free of litter for at least a day!  It’s unfortunate that we have so many visitors in our canyon who don’t respect where we live by littering our landscape.  Thanks to all of you we can make a difference! A special thanks to Tim Bunner for coordinating our cleanup activities and providing the coffee and donuts before each cleanup event.  And another special thanks to Pam and Tony Lumpkin for hosting another great BBQ picnic following the cleanup.

Our next big event is our 2019 Summer Party, which is less than two weeks away.  Hopefully everyone has received your invitation in the mail and plan to attend.  We’ve received over 80 RSVP’s so far and are expecting many more before our event on June 29th.   With a theme like the 50th Anniversary of the Woodstock Concert that was held upstate New York back in the summer 1969, along with all of the excellent planning by our two co-chairs, Trudy Chiddix and Jane Andrade, not to mention of all of their committee volunteers, this promises to be the best summer party ever!  

Following the Summer Party our next big event will be our Annual Meeting and Election of our new Board of Directors.  As in every year there will be openings on both the Board of Directors and Officers as some of those currently serving choose to let others have their turn at contributing to the Association.  As for Officers, I will be your Immediate Past President and Doug Day will be or incoming President, but the rest of the officer positions are open for volunteers. I don’t have a number for open positions on the Board of Directors at this time but I’m fairly certain there will be at least a few opportunities for volunteers so please let us know if you have any interest in being a member of next year’s Board.  Also, please feel free to reach out to me, or any of our current Board Members, should you have any questions about what’s involved in being on the Board. I will tell you that it’s a great opportunity to meet many of your neighbors and to become involved in a great organization!

Meanwhile, I look forward to seeing you at our Summer Party on June 29th!!

Jon Holbrook, UBCCA President

Host Sought for Post Clean-up BBQ!

UBCCA Spring Canyon Cleanup and BBQ – This year’s annual UBCCA Spring Cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, May 11th at 9:00 AM (please see upcoming events).  As you know, for the last few years we’ve had an UBCCA family host a BBQ after the clean-up. The Association provides service-ware and a budget for the protein, and the rest is potluck and BYOB.  We are looking for a volunteer for this spring’s BBQ following the cleanup.  The BBQ usually starts at 11:00 and members do not have to attend the clean-up to attend, it's just another event we sponsor to allow the membership to get together to socialize.  Attendance is usually between 25 and 40 and usually planned in an outdoor setting which the UBCCA can bring over some additional table & chairs we own if needed. 
If you are interested in hosting please contact Association President Jon Holbrook at 303-242-4432 or



Clear Creek School District is asking for community feedback on the school district’s consideration of the sale of the bus barn, parking lot and football field properties in Idaho Springs. Please take the time to complete this survey yourself and share it with other residents of the County.

Getting community feedback on this potential sale is important. Below are some facts about this issue. We appreciate your taking the time to take the survey and share it with your contacts.

Facts concerning the potential sale:

· If the school district SOLD the bus barn, parking lot and football field properties, it could allow for the upgrade of school sporting and transportation facilities and support other district goals.

· The bus barn and football field are not currently up to safety standards. If the school district chose NOT to sell the bus barn, parking lot and football field properties, the district would be required to spend significant resources bringing the bus barn up to code and addressing the additional code and safety concerns of the football field. (Funds from the 2018 ballot initiatives 4a and 4b are not able to be used for these purposes)

You can access the survey at

There will also be a community meeting to share more information on the subject and gather additional feedback: March 7th, 6:30pm at Carlson Elementary School in Idaho Springs.

 Thank you.  Please reach-out if you have any questions.


Message from UBCCA

UBCCA 2018 Fall Newsletter

October 31, 2018

Greetings to all UBCCA Members!

As most of you know we had our Annual Meeting at the home of Jim and Trudy Chiddix on August 23rd. The meeting was well-attended and the weather was cooperative for a lovely evening. Highlights from the Annual Meeting include:

  •   Treasurer’s Report - Tara Emch reported that our bank account balance was at a comfortable level, but that expenses for all events keep increasing. In addition, there are some new expenses such as event insurance that have necessitated the Board to recommend an increase in the annual dues from $30 to $40. This was voted on and unanimously approved by those in attendance at the meeting.

  •   President Dave Kost provided a recap of the accomplishments from this past year, noting the work-out with the Denver Mountain Parks (DMP) regarding the Canyon entrance sign and usage during our Clean-up events; the formalization of the 501(c)7 status; the decision to retire the Wild Apricot website and replace it with a new and improved website; the repair of the damaged stonework at the entrance sign; and setting up Insurance for UBCCA events such as the Fall Hayride and Summer Party.

  •   Election of new Board of Directors: First Dave Kost recognized all Board members from the past year and thanked them for their service. Then, a slate of candidates of the new board was presented to the membership. When asked for names of additional volunteers, two members offered to serve and the slate was set. The following is the list of your new Board of Directors and Officers for 2018/2019:

Vice President:
Board of Directors
Immediate Past President: Dave Kost

Jon Holbrook Doug Day Tara Emch Carol Herczeg

Membership: Webmaster: Director: Director: Director: Director: Director: Director: Director:

Dottie Fraser David Michail Judy Black
Jeff Dedisse David Dozbaba Amy Frisk Gregg Handley Debbie Kerr Pam Lumpkin

  •   Incoming President, Jon Holbrook, read the mission of the UBCCA for everyone to identify and clarify what the Association is all about. Jon communicated the need for volunteerism and expressed his gratitude for those who do so.

  •   Tents – Jim Chiddix, known as “Mr. Tents,” addressed the membership and explained theguidelines for who and how tents may be rented for private events. Those guidelines are attached at the end of this newsletter and will be posted on our UBCCA website. A big thank you to Jim, Trudy, and Mike for taking care of our tents and to have them available to our members when needed. I thank all of you for following the guidelines and taking care of our tents when you do use them.

    Fall Hayride – This year’s Fall Hayride event was held Saturday, September 29th, at the barn located on the property of John Watson and Debbie Writer. Jeff DeDisse and Andy Wann co-chaired this event; a big thanks to the both of you. And, aside from some unsupervised kids getting into some mischief along the creek, this hayride event turned out to be one of the best ever. Between having a barn to house the band, food, bar, and seating; and, having an area for tents and seating just outside the barn; plus, all of the acreage along Upper Bear Creek for the hayride activity, it was absolutely fabulous. There were around 140 attendees this year, including around 40 kids. Many thanks to Tara Emch, Judy Black, Dottie Fraser, and Debbie Kerr, who provided the chili and bought the food; and to the several other members who helped with setting up the party and cleaning up the following day. Musical entertainment was provided by Duo of 2 (Sloane and Ken); and, of course we had the hayride provided by Casey Downare. All-in-all it was a great event and a big thank you, John and Debbie, for offering your beautiful propertyfor this year’s venue.

    Canyon Cleanup – The following Saturday, October 6th, was our Fall Cleanup. Again, attendance was high and the event was well-coordinated by Tim Bunner. Following some social time with coffee and donuts provided by Tim, we all got to work and cleaned up trash from Highway 74 to the end of Yankee Creek. Once the work was complete we were treated to a BBQ picnic at the home of Pam and Tony Lumpkin, who prepared a beef brisket for us to enjoy on their deck and in their home. Although the weather had threatened the night before it turned out to be a beautiful day; thanks to all who participated and helped to keep our Canyon clean!

Fall Board Meeting – was held Tuesday, October 23rd, at Keys on the Green. Most of the discussion focused on membership, our new website, and the upcoming Christmas Holiday Party.

  •   Membership – It was recognized that several memberships got lost after the cancellation of PayPal as a means to pay on-line. This was most unfortunate and our apologies to all those who this affected. A subcommittee chaired by Dave Kost was formed to resolve any remaining issues in coordinating information between our treasurer, Tara Emch, membership chair, Dottie Fraser, and our new webmaster, David Michail.

  •   Website – Our new website is up and running; however, it’s still not quite ready for use by ourfull membership. We’re still ironing out a few details but it looks great and we’re mostappreciative of the efforts by Trevor Noel, Jim Seaman, David Dozbaba, and Scott Piette in creating this great tool for our membership. Once we’ve resolved the final issues, such as making payments online for annual membership dues and events, we will be sending out instructions on how to set up your individual access to the new website, which will contain our membership directory, access to our by-laws, tent rental guidelines, etc., announcements/dates of upcoming events, a photo gallery of past events, and a link for making payments for UBCCA membership dues and events.

  •   Christmas Holiday Party – I agreed to chair this event several months ago while VP. This year’sparty is shaping up to be another great event and a great way to start this year’s holiday season.The date is Sunday, December 2nd, at Keys on the Green. This year’s party will be starting at5:00PM for cocktails/social, followed by dinner at 6:30PM. In order to make this year’s eventmore engaging between our old and new members we are introducing a new way for seating at dinner time. Upon arrival all couples (and singles) will draw a table number out of a bowl. During the salad and main course you will be seated with other couples/singles with the same table number. And then, just before dessert is served, all the ladies will be asked to go to another table their choice for the dessert course. This promises to be a really fun way to meet

new people and to better know your neighbors. Craig has promised us an excellent meal with appetizers during the happy hour/social time, followed by a salad, main course choices of penne pasta with eggplant, zucchini and peppers, grilled flank steak, sliced, wild mushroom sauce; sautéed sole, herbs coated, vermouth sauce, or roasted Cornish game hen with tarragon leek, and topped off with a fine dessert. It will be a cash bar, as always. Invitations will be sent out shortly, and payment for this event will be by check only (and please make checks out to“UBCCA”). Please keep in mind that seating is limited for this event and all RSVP’s must bereceived NLT Friday, November 23rd (that’s the Friday after Thanksgiving), so please get yourRSVPs in early as it will be first come, first served. Also, just a reminder that this is an adults- only event.

 2019 Summer Party – Next summer’s party promises to be a big hit! It’s the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock and we plan to celebrate this historic event right here in the Canyon. A venue has not yet been selected, but the date is set for Saturday, June 29th, and Trudy Chiddix and Jane Andrade have volunteered to co-chair next summer’s event; thank you both!! Trudy and Janewill need help in putting this event on and I’m sure they will have several sub-committees wherethey would welcome volunteers. So please let them know if you’d like to help.

In closing I’d just like to say it’s an honor serving as your president. Our new board is committed tomaking our association better than ever and welcomes feedback from our members on how we are doing and what you would like to see addressed. Please keep in mind that we are primarily a social organization that hosts three key events each year: our Summer Party, Fall Hayride, and Christmas Holiday Party, as well as our Fall and Spring Canyon Cleanups, which are typically followed by a BBQ picnic for those who participate in the cleanup. Other than that we do have some interaction with Jefferson and Clear Creek Counties and Denver Parks and Recreation as they relate to our interests in the Canyon.

Our Winter Board Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 5, 2019, at Berkshire Hathaway in Lakepoint Center at 6:30PM, and members are welcome to sit in if you’d like.

Jon Holbrook, UBCCA President