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2019 UBCCA Annual Meeting - August 28, 2019 Minutes

UBCCA Summer Board Meeting - August 6, 2019 - Minutes (click to download)

February 5, 2019 6:30 PM
Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate Office


I. The meeting was called to order @ 6:39 by president Jon Holbrook

II. In attendance:

Jon Holbrook, president Doug Day, vice president Carol Herczeg, secretary Trevor Noel, webmaster Dottie Fraser, membership chair Dave Kost, immediate past president David Dozbaba, acting treasurer in Tara’s absence Gregg Handley, director Debbie Kerr, director Pam Lumpkin, director Amy Frisk, director Judy Black, director

Not Present:

Tara Emch, treasurer (excused) Jeff Dedisse, director

Secretary’s Report:

10/23/2018 Board Meeting Minutes were unanimously approved by the Board.

III. Treasure’s Report: (David Dozbaba for Tara)

- Jon expressed great appreciation for Tara’s contribution as treasurer. - Profit & Loss sheet was reviewed; - Current Bank Balance is $ 8,252.26; - Quick Book Balance is $ 7684.39; - Outstanding checks ($567.87) - some of this was a result of confusion over dues. - There has not been a decline in membership due to increase in dues. - Wild Apricot (WA) has now expired; members who paid dues through WA/PayPal

were sent an e-mail apology; their payments will be refunded and they have been directed to pay their dues by check directly to UBCCA. - Treasurer’s report was unanimously approved by the Board

IV. Webmaster’s Report: UBCCA Website:

- Jon announced that the website committee had requested that Trevor Noel

continue his work on the website due to his intimate knowledge of the site (he created it) and its complexity. David Michael’s hard work to get it up and running was acknowledged but all agreed that we needed to get it on-line for all members as soon as possible and Trevor was key to making that happen. David was thanked for his efforts and it is hoped that he will want to continue to be active with the Board in the future. - Trevor has agreed to serve as Webmaster for the remaining of the 2019 term. Dave Kost suggested there be an assistant webmaster and was voted in unanimously by the Board. - Trevor has completed his modifications the website; all necessary updates have been made. - Trevor will review the final updated version of the website with Jon following the Board meeting and prior to launching it to all members. - Trevor will post his contact information on the website so members can reach him personally for assistance with use of the website. - A website preview was presented by Trevor to the Board:

• Members can browse membership or post photos and stories on the website.

• Non-members will only be able to access the home page of the website

• Dottie Fraser will compose an email to remind members who have not yet paid their dues; she will send it directly to Trevor so he can post a blind copy to only those members who have not yet paid their dues.

• When members post their names, addresses and phone numbers on the website it generates an email to the membership coordinator. It was unclear what email box it goes to. Trevor will research this and let David Kost know.

• Trevor will make necessary adjustment membership directory on the website. - There was lengthy discussion about best mode of payment for dues and events. - It was unanimously approved: UBCCA would accept checks only for membership dues and events until further notice. - Electronic payment is convenient and it is a capability of the website; however, there are some issues to be worked out before offering to our membership. - The Board agreed to announcing the website and allowing people to get used to using it, with the goal of offering electronic payment on the website in a year or so. Some related points of discussion were:

- Electronic payment methods are often associated with an additional fee. -There was some concern over tracking membership dues if paid by electronic payment on the website - Some members prefer paying by check & some do not have access to electronic payment methods. - Banks may not offer electronic transfer of funds for small organizations without associated fees. -The convenience of electronic payment for users and book keeping was discussed.

-The Board would also like hear Tara’s point of view before making a change to the current payment methods.

V. Membership Report: Dottie Fraser

- Dottie has been collecting mail from PO Box and depositing membership dues for Tara - Dottie is traveling for 3 weeks starting tomorrow. - Carol will be checking PO Box and depositing membership dues while Dottie is away. - Dottie will maintain the membership spread sheet during her absence - All membership dues will be paid by check (until further notice by the Board), while folks get acquainted with the new website. - Membership renewal dues are due February 1. - There is no penalty in the bylaws for late dues. - $1,520 in dues have been collected and deposited to date. - 52 members have not renewed to date. - Dottie composed an email to extend renewal to March 1st for those who have not yet renewed their membership. - 17 members sent $30 for dues as a result of confusion by Wild Apricot post; (Dottie sent an email to inform these members of dues increase to $40 - and all but 5 have sent an additional $10) - Dottie will send an email reminder to members who have not yet paid dues. - Total membership this year is 98 - There are 2 new members this year - Bill and Marilyn Sandifer are life-time members (voted on and approved years ago); their son, Scott, and Kara Sandifer recently moved in with Bill and Marilyn and have paid dues to become members as well. - Cheryl and Mark Footer (owner of Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate Office and host for UBCCA Board Meetings) are current honorary members. - The membership directory will likely be published at the end of April or possibly later; TBD by the Board. - VI. New Business: 2019 Summer Party Report (Trudy Chiddix/ Jane Andrade) - Date: Saturday June 29,2019 - Time: 7:30 pm to ~ 10:00 pm - Board unanimously approved Summer Party Ticket Price: $50 members / $60 non-members (guests) - Theme: 50th Anniversary of Woodstock - Location: The Toth Family Ranch - Entertainment: Live Music: The Bleeding Hearts (Joe Bye and Jim Murphy band) - Dinner: Catered by JKS Catering. - Jane and Trudy enthusiastically presented a summer party update.

A play list of music from the era will play softly during happy hour and dinner. The band will play after dinner. Dinner is a casual picnic theme with magic brownies and cycadelic punch. Trudy has been busy hosting pottery parties in her pottery studio to create centerpieces for the tables. - Summer Party preliminary Budget was presented, discussed and approved.

There was discussion and agreement that the bartender be paid $200 (tips will be accepted in addition to this) and the bar budget $1,000. Supplies that are left over will be rolled over to the next event. Insurance needs to be added to the preliminary budget. - Electronic “save the date” notices will be created by Trudy and Jane and electronically sent to Trevor to be posted on the new website soon. - Paper invitations and return RSVP cards will be sent by snail mail closer to the event date with a line for members to add their favorite Woodstock music to be considered for the playlist. - It was suggested that members be encouraged to send any personal photos taken at Woodstock (or maybe the 1999 UBCCA Woodstock party) for decoration or a slide show at the 2019 party. - It was noted; discussion about tips for vendors, host gifts, complimentary tickets for host members be discussed at the next board meeting to standardize these procedures for consistency at all UBCCA events. - UBCCA owns round banquet tables. Judy and Bill Black have offered to lend their rectangular tables for the Woodstock event. Trudy offered to share a spreadsheet of table vender costs in case UBCCA wants to purchase tables in the future.

Old Business:

- The Christmas Holiday Party 2018 attendance was around 80 members and

guests at the Keys on the Green. Jon Holbrook reported he received no complaints about the cost of the party and folks in attendance enjoyed “blind seating” implemented to encourage interaction among members. Couples (or single guests) chose a number on arrival and sat at the corresponding table. Women changed seats at dessert. The Carolers kept it low so people could mingle rather than drawing an audience. - Jon suggested keeping tickets at $65 or lower for the next Christmas party. (the Bistro had a similar event on a Tuesday night 2018 for $45 per person)

New Business

- Pam Lumpkin volunteered to chair the 2019 Christmas party - Dave Kost encouraged Pam and interested board members to form a committee, hold discussions, and come to the April board meeting prepared with a proposal (budget, site, preliminary entertainment) for Board approval. - Judy noted the Hay Ride needs a chair person also and this could be posted on he website. - Dave Kost volunteered to file a tax return for non-profit using Tara’s financials

The Meeting was adjourned at 8:15.

UBCCA Fall Board Meeting October 23, 2018

Keys on the Green


I.       The meeting was called to order by President Jon Holbrook. In attendance:

Jon Holbrook, President

Doug Day, VP

Carol Herczeg, Secretary

Tara Emch, Treasurer

Dave Kost, Immediate Past President

Judy Black, David Dozbaba, Gregg Handley, Debbie Kerr, Pam Lumpkin, Directors, Christy Holbrook (guest)

Not present: Jeff Dedisse, Dottie Fraser, Amy Frisk, David Michail

II.       Secretary Report: (Jon Holbrook)

8/14/18 Board Meeting and 8/23/18 Annual Meeting minutes were unanimously approved by the Board.

III.    Treasurer’s Report: (Tara Emch)

-    Profit and loss document was reviewed

-    Fall Hayride remained within budget in spite of an additional $500 for insurance and added funds for bartender this year.

-    Dave Kost volunteered to check with Mike Fraser to determine a budget for future insurance costs.

-    Alcoholic beverages are left over from purchases for the fall hay ride

-    Current account balance was reviewed: $4427.23 current balance exceeds average for previous years of ~$2500.

-    Treasures report was unanimously approved by the Board


IV.    Membership Report:

-       Membership procedures are currently in transition resulting in challenges for those involved in the handling of new memberships, renewal of existing memberships, and documentation of payments.  The Board expressed concern that there are some members who are not showing up in either the website or paper directory.  A small committee has been established to get this sorted out and corrected.

-        PayPal has been cancelled and is no longer an option for renewal or new membership.

-    The goal is to welcome new members, make sure payments are

documented, customize/update directory information, and systematically and reliably offer directory information and information regarding upcoming events to all  members.

-       It was suggested a subcommittee be formed to resolve membership issues and establish working methods to resolve current disconnect.

-Membership Subcommittee:  David Dozbaba, Debbie Kerr, Pam Lumpkin, and Dave Kost (chair) volunteered for the committee and will approach Bennett, Dottie, Tara, Scott, David Michail, and Trevor to collaborate with the goal of having the final phase of the transition to our new website ensures accuracy with the membership.

*** Until there is a functional process in the place it was recommended that Bennett continue to use the current system with the goal of a chain of payment collection and data entry from Tara to Dottie to Bennett.

 V.       Webmaster Report

•           Old Website (Wild Apricot) Update - is shut down as of this month; however, Wild Apricot has given UBCCA 90 days’ access to the site to offload any data we still may want.

VI.     Old Business

•           Status on Legal Entity/501(c)7 (nonprofit social organization)

•          Dave Kost reported that our Association was a nonprofit organization; however, its status (with IRS) was allowed to lapse. Dave worked with the IRS to re-establish the UBCCA as a 501(c)7.   The application cost was $600 to reinstate and it has been paid.  Dave will check to see if there is a recurrent charge.  A one page annual filing form is required to be submitted each January in order to be kept current. Tara received the annual filing form recently and will pay the $10 fee and file.

•     Status on Amended Articles of Incorporation (this was required for the 501(c)7 filing.

•  Dave has the original document from 1962, a copy of the new Article of incorporation, and copy of the signature page.  Jon requested the papers go to Bennett to be filed in our archives.

*        Fall Hayride (9/29/2018) Report – Jon Holbrook

•      Jon reported that the event went well overall.

•      There were complaints of inappropriate actions of unsupervised young kids that did not bode well with the hosts, John Watson and Debbie Writer.

•      Jon sent a thank you note and apology to John and Debbie on behalf of the Board.

•      A “thank you” was extended to Judy, Debbie, and Dottie for organizing the food.

•      Beverage inventory was done by Tara, Jeff, and Jon to account for this year’s expenditures and to budget for future event beverage needs.

•      It was recommended that a re-evaluation of processes for all events be on the agenda for our next Board meeting (in February 2019)

•      Consider organization bins for each event & designated storage location

•           Fall Canyon Cleanup (10/6/2018) – Jon Holbrook

•            “Successful event”

•            BBQ Picnic – “Thank you”, extended to Pam and Toni Lumpkin

•            Attendance at the BBQ was discussed.  Originally the invitation to the BBQ was open to all members regardless of whether or not they participated in the cleanup.  However, in order to keep the size of the group manageable for whoever agrees to host the BBQ it was decided to encourage attendance to only those families who participate in the cleanup.  It was also confirmed that no members would be unwelcome at the event.


VII.     New Business:

•           - 2018 Christmas/Holiday Party – Jon Holbrook, Chair

•           Date – Sunday, December 2, 2018

•           Time 5:00 - 6:00 social, dinner at 6:00 PM

•           Location – Keys on the Green

•           Menu: four (4) entrée choices: vegetarian pasta, seafood, Cornish game hen, steak

•           Invitations will be mailed out with RSVP cards -

•           Christy Holbrook has volunteers in mind and will report to Jon.

•           Budget not to exceed $150 including postage

•           (RSVP Cards to include instructions that all checks are to be made out to UBCCA.)

•           Format – Craig Caldwell (Keys) presented a recommendation to encourage mixing members up during the dining in order to encourage more interaction between old and new members of the Association.  His proposal includes drawing table numbers upon arrival so everyone has to sit at the table with their table number on the piece of paper drawn at the door.

•           couples will be seated together

•           Before dessert all the female members will be directed to get up and move at another table for the dessert course. 

•           The Board approved this new format for this year’s event, which will be communicated to the general membership in our fall newsletter before the invitations are mailed out.

•           Cost: A budget of $65 all inclusive (appetizer, dinner, dessert, tip, tax) was decided upon.

•           Cash bar.

•           11/28 deadline to give Craig a final attendance count and meal choices.  The invitations will have an 11/23 deadline for RSVP’s.

•           Carol and Tara will attempt to secure a small caroling group @ $100 max.

•           - 2019 Summer Party

•           Date – Saturday, June 29, 2019

•           Co-chairpersons – Trudy Chiddix and Jane Andrade

•           Theme – 50th Anniversary of Woodstock

•           Location – TBD.  Ralph Hall and Eunice Larson’s property was discussed as a “perfect setting” for this event.


•           February 2019 Board Meeting:

•       2/05/2019 @ 6:30 PM

•           Berkshire Hathaway Office at Lakeside Center

VIII.      Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.


August 23, 2018

Location: The home of Jim and Trudy Chiddix, 30504 Upper Bear Creek Road

  1. Members arrived between 6:00pm – 6:30pm depending on whether a pre-meeting hike upthe Chiddix’s trail was selected. Social time and dinner (pot-luck) continued until about 7:30pm. Approximately 35 members were in attendance for the meeting.

  2. The formal meeting was called to order at 7:40pm by Dave Kost in his last duties as President.

  3. Dave Kost had all new members in attendance identify themselves.

  4. Tara Emch provided the Treasurer’s Report. The notable items were that the Bank balance

    was at a comfortable level, but that expenses for all events keep increasing. In addition, there are some new expenses as of earlier this year (event insurance, one time non-profit status fee) that necessitated the Board to recommend an increase in the annual dues from $30 to $40.

  5. Dave Kost provided a recap of the accomplishments from this past year, noting the work-out with the Denver Mountain Parks (DMP) regarding the Canyon entrance sign and usage during our Clean-up events; the formalization of the 501(c)7 status; the decision to retire the Wild Apricot website and replace it with a new and improved website; the repair of the damaged stonework at the entrance sign; and setting up Insurance for the events the UBCCA has.

  6. Dave identified each Board member from the past year and thanked them for their service.

  7. Dave took a vote on the increase in annual dues to $40. The ‘yea’s’ were unanimous and it


  8. Election of new Board of Directors:

    - The slate was presented to the membership.
    - Names of volunteers were solicited and two people volunteered to be included on the slate (Carol Herczeg and Pam Lumpkin).
    - The slates were distributed for voting. There were 14 names on the ballot. David Michailoriginally offered to be Secretary, but changed to “Webmaster” given that we had nobody volunteering for that role. Carol Herczeg volunteered to be Secretary. It was determined that since the by-laws allow for 13 Directors plus the immediate past President, making 14 in total, we effectively had all Board slots filled. The membership voted each in as follows:

Officers President: Vice President: Treasurer: Secretary:

Jon Holbrook Doug Day Tara Emch Carol Herczeg

Board of Directors
Immediate Past President: Dave Kost

Membership: Webmaster: Director: Director: Director: Director: Director: Director: Director:

Dottie Fraser David Michail Judy Black
Jeff Dedisse David Dozbaba Amy Frisk Gregg Handley Debbie Kerr Pam Lumpkin

Our incoming President, Jon Holbrook, will be added to our Bank of the West account, and Treasurer, Tara Emch, will remain on our Bank of the West account as signers. Our outgoing President, Dave Kost, will be removed from our Bank of the West account as a signer.

  1. Message from incoming President Jon Holbrook:

    • -  Jon read the mission of the UBCCA for everyone to identify and clarify what the

      Association is all about.

    • -  Jon communicated the need for volunteerism and expressed his gratitude for those who

      do so.

    • -  Jon asked Jim Chiddix to summarize the Tent Policy for the members. Each member has

      the benefit of renting the tents for their personal events, which is a value compared to paying a commercial store. Copies of the UBCCA Tent Guidelines were made available and will be posted on the new website.

    • -  Jon opened the floor for questions:
      - Ron Adams asked if some of the UBCCA money could be used to beautify the entrance sign area with shrubs and flowers. Some member feedback was that the greenery tends to get eaten by the wildlife, but the Board said they would take the topic under consideration.
      - Ron also asked if anything could be done about the blighted property on the north side of Upper Bear Creek (just west of the old T Bar S property). Some members said they believe the property was up for sale or will be for sale soon, which may improve the appearances. The Board stated this is not within the scope of the Association, but again, will take it under advisement.

  2. The new Board of Directors were formally announced and congratulated.

  3. The meeting was adjourned at 9:20p.

    Dave Kost, Immediate Past President